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Thank you

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 There’s alot that goes into these, even as simple as Rarity here but hopefully this will give you a lil’ insight as to how these ponies are made~ 

Step 1 - Planning & gathering

The first and most important step is decided what you want to sculpt and visualizing how it will look in the end. Some refer to this step as the ‘longest’ step simply because there are so many ways an idea can be created and take enormous time for them to come to fruition. For this sculpt, I wanted something simple while still being fun, so I found Beatnik Rarity by Chocochaofun and decided to go for it. I made up the primary colors I would need and estimated it would take about 2 days.

Step 2 - Armature

Armature was built with 18ga steel wire and 20ga aluminum craft wire for the tail. The lighter guage was used because of the curly nature of Rarity’s tail.

Step 3 - Blocking out the body & head

All the major shapes of the body were made and then baked. ‘Recycled’ clay was used for the upper torso because a black sweater was going to be placed over it. 

*Not shown is the head was blocked out and eyes/eyelids were added.

**Note: Before every bake, the clay is extensively cleaned to ensure the least amount of dust gets infused into the clay after baking. This is SUPER important to maintaining the cleanest looking sculpture after it is finished.

Step 4 & 5 - Adding the head, neck, and horn

The head is then added along with clay extending from the body to make the neck. Horn ears and smile are added afterward. 2nd bake to seal in the details.

Step 6 - First layer of details

Now that the body is finished, details can be added from largest to smallest. The first major addition is the sweater as it will be underneath everything then the hair. 3rd bake.

Step 7 & 8 - 2nd & 3rd layer of details

The home stretch! The last layers of details really hone in on what the final product will look like. The tail and shoes were added and then the hat and eye details after. 4th bake

Step 9 - Finishing and cleaning

One the final details are added the sculpture is cleaned and scrubbed vigorously and gloss glaze is applied to the eyes and dried. 


Once all that is done, I get to take a break and do some fancy pants photosesh with my sculpture. Hurray! 

Thats it! Hope this helped~! Let me know of any questions you have ^^ 

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Grass Desk Prank 

I could totally be okay with this.

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COMING SOON [speakers blow out] TO OWN ON DVD [children scramble for the remote] AND VIDEO CASSETTE [atomic bomb explodes in living room]

COMING SOON [speakers blow out] TO OWN ON DVD [children scramble for the remote] AND VIDEO CASSETTE [atomic bomb explodes in living room]

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i was gonna doodle designs for 4 horses of the apocalypse but i got bored after death, oops


i was gonna doodle designs for 4 horses of the apocalypse but i got bored after death, oops

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Autumn time for Junior.


Autumn time for Junior.

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They are now officially married. 

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Old Scooby Doo Frames KILL ME

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Griffinilla’s Untitled OC Collab Album!

This is a series of songs produced by Griffinilla (who did a lot of the music in the Friendship is Witchcraft parody series) in collaboration with a lot of other artists from the fandom. Each song is about a different OC and their story, traits, characteristics, whatever. A lot of the collaborating artists are also SoGaP-ites

  1. 40 Winks (with SoGreatAndPowerful) - An insomniac pony who wanders the town at night.
  2. Broken Horn (with Le Soldat Pony) - An old unicorn, left a disfigured widower after his wife was killed by a thief.
  3. Hard Knocks (with Alex Cole and Cats Millionaire) - It’s about an old and beaten up pony toy. Blurs the line between object and subject.
  4. Day Dreamer (with Caine) - A young pony with an active imagination. More upbeat than the last few.
  5. Love Letters (with Toastwaffle) - Probably my favorite. The song describes Love Letters very well, so just go listen to it!

40 Winks, Hard Knocks, and Love Letters have free downloads in the description.

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I’ve never been more emotional about any social media post in my entire life

UPDATE: guys Beth Broderick tweeted yesterday that this Salem is THE SAME SALEM!!! He’s 20 years old man!!!! 20!

That Salem is still kicking is all I care about.

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